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Since 1992, company has ALGORES-SOFT been providing algorithms and software solutions for geodesy, cartography, GNSS systems and Dimensional Control. On our site you will find information about our software packages and surveying carried out by our services. Welcome to the Publications section, where you can find descriptions of the technologies used, methods and algorithms, as well as development of scientific formulations. We hope that presented content will help each other to improve knowledge and experience in the field of applied methods and technology.



Geoidpol_2008CN and PL-geoid-2011 compliance

Hereby we would like to inform, that official quasigeoid model, PL-geoid-2011, published by Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (the Polish authority for geodesy and cartography) in 2011, was developed in ALGORES-SOFT, as one of the functional elements of the new version of TRANSPOL 2 xx program. This model, in terms of height anomaly value is identical to Geoidpol_2008CN model (publication of the 14.08.2013). This can be easily examined with Geoidpol_2008CN.exe by doing  calculations for the selected interpolar network  points. Size is the distinguishing factor here. PL-geoid-2011 model is limited to the polish area, plus a small amount of 5 km from the border of the Republic of Poland, Geoidpol_2008CN model does the calculation for the rectangular area  between the meridians: 13-25 degrees, and  parallels: 48-56 degrees.



GEOIDPOL-2008CN - modified to the new PL-ETRF2000 system, polish  quasigeoid model, is based on EGM2008 geopotential model and a set of extended satellite-levelling  points.  In a compressed catalog, an extended description of the pdf modifications with testing program is to be found.

Note: descriptions and older models: 2008, 2008A, 2008C can be found in the Publications section



TRANS_ETRF_PL_2.01- modified transformation program operating in EN-ETRF89 and EN-ETRF2000 reference systems.